Friday, June 20, 2008

A Couple Pics from our Alabama Trip

The majority of pictures we took on our visit to Fred last weekend are on Fred's camera, but here are a couple I managed to snap with mine.

Just off our front porch the day we left to go see Fred. Gregory was fascinated by the flower. Later I caught him trying to gently pry open the petals of the other buds. He never did... now all the flowers have bloomed.

Right after we crossed into Alabama, the kids and I were a little surprised to see this huge rocket just off the freeway. I looked it up later. It was part of the US Space and Rocket Center. It looks really neat. If we ever pass through there again, I am definitely stopping for a look. I was TOTALLY one of those kids who desperately wanted to go to Space Camp when I was a kid. Here's more info about the exhibit:

My baby gazing out at hot, humid Montgomery, Alabama from the comfort of our air conditioned room on base.

Charla was brave enough to hold a sparkler on the last night before we went home. I brought them for no particular reason, other than that we now live in states that allow sparklers.

Of all the cities I've passed through over the past month, Cincinnati was definitely one of the biggest. I snapped this while crossing the bridge into the city on my way home.

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