Monday, August 11, 2008

A Father's Blessing

We had the most beautiful experience at bedtime this evening. It makes me swell with pride to be married to such a wonderful man, who honors his priesthood and loves his children.

Gregory has complained of headaches and a soar throat for the past couple of days, so today I took him in to see the pediatrician, and they're pretty much certain he has strep throat. Gregory was really scared to go see the doctor, but warmed up to the idea when we pointed out that his Grandpa Olsen is a doctor. Still, it was a pretty intense experience for him.

Every evening, after showers and when the kids are set for bed, we kneel for family prayer in the girls' room. Tonight, after the prayer had been said, Fred offered Gregory to give him a blessing. Without hesitation, Gregory said he wanted one. He climbed into my lap and was perfectly reverent for the whole thing.

When it was done, he rolled onto the floor, ready for their bedtime story. But, Charla walked over to me, and gave Fred this sweet look. I asked if she wanted a blessing, too. She gave the brightest smile and settled herself in my lap. Fred gave her a sweet Father's blessing.

As soon as it was done, she joined Gregory on the floor. Leora, who had been nearby, pulled herself to up standing against me, and then plopped her little self into my lap, gazing up at Fred, grinning. Again, Fred laid his hands on her head and gave her a Father's Blessing.

There was such a sweet spirit in the room as I closed the door behind me while Fred read to them. I hope they'll always feel that they can ask their dad for a blessing, any time, for as long as they are ours.


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

That is by far the SWEETEST thing i have hears. How amazing. :) Way to go Fred. :) I love the power of the priesthood.

Shawna said...

Awwwww... that is so sweet. You are both such great parents and are raising wonderful, spiritual children:)

The Baker Family said...

That is so precious. You need to write that down where they can read it when they're older. I love that we have that as an option. There's been times where I have asked Joel for one and it truely calms be and brings me back to the big picture of the plan. I love it. Thanks for sharing Debbie. Nikki

John and Becky Bowler said...

What an awesome experience. :)

Whitehorn Family said...

so sweet thanks for sharing.