Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gregory the Fitness Instructor

As long as I can remember, my dad faithfully does his sit-up's, push-up's, stretches and runs at least several times a week... well, except shortly after his appendicitis. When we briefly lived with them during Fred's last semester at the UofA, Gregory enjoyed watching my dad exercising. You might say it inspired him.

Every once in a while Gregory gets all motivated and will invent different types of exercises. It can be pretty entertaining watching him, hearing his explanations for what he's doing.

This past Christmas all 3 Olsen boys (Fred and his 2 brothers) got ab rollers. I guess someone was trying to say something :P Well, it hasn't gone un-used. Here's a video of Gregory demonstrating the "best" ways to keep your abs in shape. He actually does have a pretty firm little tummy, so maybe he's on to something...

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