Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gregory Logic

I LOVE my son! There's certainly something to be said about this being a fun age, but he's just such a great kid!

Charla's current favorite movie is "Sleeping Beauty", which I don't mind since it's my favorite Disney cartoon, too.

Yesterday, Gregory came home from school near the end of the movie. He was watching Prince Philip dancing with Princess Aurora, while the 2 fairies were repeatedly changing Aurora's dress color.

Gregory looked concerned and finally said, "I hope they don't change the prince to pink!"

In all the years I've watched that movie, it never occurred to me to worry that the fairies might miss the princess and hit the prince.

Here's a few pics of took of my lil' guy loving his cat yesterday.


Megan said...

Those are really cute pictures! Since Dave & I have so many pets already, and no children so far, we often talk about how we are going to keep kids and animals in the house together. It is so great that he loves the cat so much :-)

The Baker Family said...

Hey Debbie! Lisa and I have decided it’s been way too long since we’ve seen all our old high school friends and have decided to plan a get together with everyone. We would love it if you could make it and bring along anyone else you can think of that we hung out with back in the day. We are going to go out to dinner at the Macaroni Grill and then back to the Glauser’s new place for games and dessert! It’s going to be Saturday, May 9th at 5:00pm. in Tucson. I know it's a long shot to have you here but I thought I would try. Let me know if you can make it! We’d love to see you there!

Alisa said...

What a thoughtful kid. I never thought about the prince turning pink either. And cute pictures! I miss you Debbie!