Monday, June 11, 2012

Smell-Triggered Memories

For dinner tonight I cooked a German family favorite: Schnitzel and Kaesespaetzle (YUM!!).  It was also fun because I decided to whip out a table cloth and we used the good dishes and crystal goblets (nothing truly expensive- just special to us.  And shiny).

While Gregory acted grossed out by the kaesespaetzle (I had spaghetti noodles ready for him in anticipation of such a reaction), Charla inhaled deeply and exclaimed with delight, "OH!  This smells like Oma Gisela's house!!"

When we visited my mom's mom in Husum, Germany, this was one of the meals we ate.  That was over 1 1/2 years ago!  She turned 5 on that visit.  It was so heartwarming.  I'll have to call Oma Gisela to tell her about it... 

Notice our Steins in the background??  
Germany, too ;)
And Kai is up to being his adorable self.


Sandy-Svenja said...

Yummy! What a good idea! I never tried schnitzel with käsespätzle! We always have fries and salat with schnitzel...I really have to try that out! Those are both favorite meals osebastian - he's gonna go crazy ^^
amazing that charla remembered the smell!! I soooo hope you'll live in germany soon - we'll have to cook together! love, sandy

Meg said...

oh that is my favorite meal! would you mind sharing your recipes so i could try it out? i have only had it a few times in the states as good as i remember form my time in germany. looks like your family sure loves it!