Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our St. Patty's Day

The holiday started on Monday for us. For FHE we talked about Noah and the Ark, using the little play ark and beanie babies Fred's aunt Sally sent us (thank you!).

Fred found the Newer Fantasia's part about the ark (with Donald Duck) on Youtube and showed it to the kids- such a great idea! They all loved it!

The rainbow in the story flowed nicely into talking about rainbows for St. Patrick's Day. Gregory was happy to share what he'd been learning in school (mostly just about shamrocks). They colored pictures of rainbows and I showed them how to trace heart cookie cutters into paper to make shamrocks- they did so good!

Dessert was a special treat I've been saving for a month (more like, forgot about until that night). They're a candy from Germany called Kinder Eier. It's a delicious egg shaped chocolate shell that has a little capsule inside. Inside the capsule is a little toy. The graphic says, "Children's Surprise" on the egg. One of my fondest memories of childhood was getting these on special occassions.

Well, at any rate, the kids loved them.. I only managed to sneak one little chocolate egg shard from Charla.

Breakfast yesterday was fun! I made green pancakes, which Gregory surprisingly didn't have a problem with. He didn't like the idea of green food coloring in his milk, though, so he settled for a green cup.

The girls enjoyed the pancakes, too. It was a fun start to the day!


Shawna said...

Kinder-suprise! (prounounced: 'soo-preese')- even my high school friends (and I) loved those! I think I put the surprises on my Rotary jacket...

The Grantham Family said...

Kinder eggs!!! I miss having those as a little girl. WHERE DID YOU FIND THEM? Please tell me they are selling them in the states now. I'm so jealous!

The Baker Family said...

Debbie, you are such a supper mom! You are always doing so many fun things to teach your children about life! I love it! Thanks for sharing. p.s. How are you feeling?