Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weak Ambitions

Seeing as how this is our 4th baby and we already have everything for a boy or girl, we decided to wait until birth to find out the sex of the baby. It just made sense... and we had other friends doing it, so we wanted to be cool like them :P

Well, when we took Gregory with us to the ultrasound, we told the tech how our son was CERTAIN he was getting another sister. She obliged our request not to see the gender (resulting in us missing 1/2 the ultrasound... grr), but there was a time that I was sure I saw "something" float up.

She gave us a few pictures to take home. One of them had this suspicious-looking hint of something at the baby's waist. I started wondering if the tech either missed it or was trying to give us a chance to figure it out so our son would have a head's-up that he wasn't getting a sister after all.

By this point, the suspense had lost its luster. I had my suspicions and if they were true, I wanted Gregory to know. I also had felt oddly detached from my pregnancy, hating to HAVE to refer to the baby as "it" when we didn't say Gregory's selected pseudo-name, "Baby Lou." After a lot of contemplation, talking with Fred, and mostly feeling like an idiot, I called up the doc's office.

Sparing you all the details, they insisted my chart said, "Don't tell gender", which irritated me. I explained my suspicions and they reluctantly searched my charts. We had to wait a whole month before the sonograms were documented in my file. I FINALLY got a message on my answering machine from the office...

"The tech wrote in her notes that it is most likely MALE."

HA! I was right! My ego would have been seriously injured if they had said, "GIRL", not that I would be sad about having another daughter.

I was nervous about breaking the news to Gregory, since he was so hung up on the "sister" thing. When I gently told him, he thought about it for a full minute and then sighed, smiled and brightly said, "Ya know, mama, I didn't really want another sister... I want a baby brother!"

We figure that all he knows is sisters... but now he's thrilled, as is Charla. It's so fun how they're constantly asking me what the baby's doing. Charla will even TELL me what he's doing... "Mama, the baby's snuggling you!" or "Mama, ya know, the baby's eating rice!" (or whatever I'm eating at the moment).

I'd have to say, this has been the funnest pregnancy, since the kids are so involved! Let's hope it endures long after birth...


The Baker Family said...

Congradulations! It's a Boy! Gregory will be even more exited when he reolized it's another playmate that will play as hard and rough as he does. I'm so happy for you guys! What name choices are you looking at? It's good to hear your feeling well! Just a little bit to go!

Brad, Debbie, and K squared said...

I am glad that you get to know that you are having another boy! I think that will be fun for the kids to prepare for.

I also have considered not finding out this time around...but now that I read your post, I have second thoughts. It might be easier for the kids to relate to the baby if they know what gender it is. Hmm...we will have to see. :)

Shawna said...

You can always TRY to be cool like me... maybe someday debbie ;)


I can't wait to meet your new little boy!

The Grantham Family said...

That is too cute! I don't know how you made it this far with out finding out. I must not have the will power the rest of the world has. Congrats to you guys! I just love little boys.

John and Becky Bowler said...

Congrats on finding out it is a boy. That is awesome. :)

Robin and Larry said...

How exciting! I always wanted a brother for Scott... never are LUCKY! :)

Alisa said...