Tuesday, September 15, 2009

About the President

(The White House, July 4th 2008)

No, I'm not expressing any political opinions in this post- I strive to avoid making them. This is just a brief note from last Tuesday, involving my cute Kindergartner...

As most know, there was a lot of controversy in regard to President Obama's pending address to our public schools. I got some great insights (and some not so great) from various people. Fred and I discussed whether or not to send Gregory to school that day. We ultimately decided not to keep him home.

That morning at breakfast I told Gregory a bit about what the office of President is and what he does. He thought Obama's name was kind of funny. Considering how young he is, I didn't expect him to comprehend most of what I told him, although he did look at me while I talked :P I encouraged him to listen to what the president had to say, and that we would talk about it together when he came home (they ended up not showing it to his class).

As I was pushing the kids out the door, I took the first real look at Gregory's shirt. It SO cracked me up! We got the shirt when we visited our friends in DC last year for the 4th of July. He couldn't have picked a better shirt to wear that day!


Shawna said...

I love it! You couldn't have planned it better!

Charity Brown said...

haha! perfect!

Liz Whitehorn said...

thats too funny.