Sunday, September 13, 2009


Neither Fred nor I are into hunting (shooting, yes), but apparently our kids are. Probably some gene that skipped us. We've used this drive to con them into doing several chores.

My 2 personal favorites:

The Laundry Hunt -
We got them all worked up about hunting down every last scrap of dirty laundry- don't let a single sock escape! They rushed around, stuffing the laundry bags full. Then Gregory helped Fred drag them down the stairs. We'll see if it still works a decade from now...

Hide-n-Brush Teeth -
I may have mentioned this in a previous post. My dad invented this game to get my sisters to cooperate when it was time to brush teeth at bedtime. While the parent prepares the toothbrush, they're counting out loud. We usually count to 20. Then they hunt down the toothbrush-ee. Gregory is actually an excellent hider! More than once I've given up and started calling for him. Pretty impressive! We've never dealt with a fuss after finding them and brushing their teeth.

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