Thursday, September 9, 2010


(What Charla would look like with long hair- the girl sitting back to back with her happened to have the same color hair.)

We recently reassigned chores among the family. Today Charla verified that feeding the cat is one of her chores, but then couldn't think of any others. I reminded her that she's supposed to keep her room clean.
I often end up tidying it up when I search for dirty clothes. She pointed out that sometimes I do it and then asserted, "That's good, because it would hurt my brain to clean my room."

I assured her it wouldn't hurt her brain at all.


For dinner tonight we had stir-fry with sliced sausage mixed in. At one point Fred commented about the meat in the dish. Charla immediately corrected him,

"PAPA! That isn't meat! That's a hot dog!"

We laughed and told her she was pretty much right.

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