Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A great tutorial a friend of mine sent me.  It was so great to see such a neat, original idea!  I was unimpressed until the last 15 seconds.  I'm glad I watched it all the way through.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kids say....

I post so much on Facebook, but that also means the true gems are easily lost amid all the mundane stuff I share with the world.  Yes, like what I ate that day.

Today Charla was uncommonly motivated to help Leora and Kai with their homework.  As in, this was the first time.  I'll take it!!  She very sweetly helped Leora with her spelling words, one of which was the word, "MALE."

I wish I'd have had a recorder on hand to tell you the exact words they used, but here's as good as I can remember...

Charla: "next word: MALE"
Leora: "M-A-L-E.  What does it mean?"
Charla: "OH!  It means a guy.  Because of the weird thing boys have."
Leora: ".....?"
Charla: "You know, the weird thing between their legs" complete with gestures.
Leora (hesitantly): "ooooh."

And later this evening, after putting them to bed, I overheard Charla telling Leora "facts" about Megatron (a bad Transformer... my girls have huge crushes on Star Scream and Megatron)...

Charla: Did you know, Megatron is 31 years old!
me: hey, I'M 31 years old!
Charla: I know! But he doesn't like brownies.

I'm glad she knows where to draw distinctions.

And to go perfectly with this little snippet, this incredible picture my sister Dora made as a birthday gift for Leora yesterday: