Sunday, June 7, 2009

First Captured Smile and an Update

(grinning at Aunt Anja- check out his dimples!!)

Things are coasting along here. Kai is such a great baby! So far (for the whole 11 days since his birth) he's been our lowest-maintenance baby, aside from being hungrier than the others were. He has such an easy-going little personality- "Feed me and I'm happy."

Fred and Leora are in Tucson this weekend for Fred's baby brother's first daughter's blessing (follow that?). She's 6 1/2 weeks older than Kai. We sure miss them, but are happy they can be with family for the special occasion. We plan on blessing Kai the last Sunday of this month.

Gregory and Charla are eating up every minute with my sisters. I'm so grateful for the extra hands that make my life pretty simple right now. We'll be sad to see them go back to Tucson in July, but for now we're making some fun memories :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Kai is Here!

We had our baby, Kai Logan, Wednesday May 27th at 5:54pm at Wright-Patterson AFB hospital.

My water broke on its own (on the couch- the cat was confused) and we got admitted before 6am. I had a wonderful midwife who fully supported our wishes to deliver without pain medication. At about 3:00pm the contractions stopped so we started Pitocin. NOT pleasant, but we somehow managed to push that baby out without intervention- SO awesome!

(We've played Boggle during my last 3 deliveries... we had fun arranging the letters on this one)

He was 8lb 13oz (a full pound bigger than my next biggest baby), 20.5 inches long... and beautiful.

Recovery has been pretty good. He's a fantastic nurser... maybe a little too great- he eats every 2 hours :P

We feel so blessed- he's just perfect and his siblings love him- especially Leora, which was a surprise since she's pretty clingy. Of course, Kai won the others over when he "gave" them each a little gift when they first met him. We've done that with each baby :)

It's amazing how with each baby our family feels complete all over again. I remember being worried about how I could possibly love 2 kids as much as 1. The moment I held my Charla, it was as if my heart expanded exponentially and I could hardly stand the overwhelming burst of love I felt. It's been like that with each new baby. There is nothing in the world that compares to having a family.

Here's a link to more pictures of our precious baby- enjoy!