Monday, November 10, 2008

Looking for a HEAVY Maternity Coat

I still won't say I want the Tucson July heat back. But I will admit it's cold.

Ohio is weird. I watched the evening news here for the first time tonight... mostly because it doesn't come on until 11:00 AT NIGHT. I was mainly interested in the weather forecast. I believed them when they predicted it will be 25 degrees when Gregory goes to the bus stop, and that there's a 60% chance of snow this weekend.

For the first time in my life I'm looking for a heavy, wool coat. Someone should start a business renting out maternity coats, since if I buy one now, I HOPEFULLY will never need it again (meaning, if we don't have more kids, I BETTER not be able to fill out a coat meant for a huge, pregnant belly!).

Old Navy has a wool blend coat for $70 online. I don't even know if that's a good price for a coat. I welcome insight on this topic!


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

lol Iwouldn't know either. But it's a beautiful coat :)

Shawna said...

for a wool coat that's about right. I need to go hit salvation army and find one myself... you might just want to buy one a size bigger since you won't be too big till spring...

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

see if there's a freecycle online there i believe the website it i got a baby gate and i gave someone my old bed frame and headboard. i love it.

Frozen Cacti said...

Trust me on this...I bought a wool coat in AZ, on sale, thinking it would be fine for winter. WRONG. I promptly bought a knee length down coat for those days that drop below 40 degrees. I agree with Shawna - just get a coat that is a little bigger to get you through the SEVERELY cold months. Trust me when it's that cold outside NO ONE will care if you look cute (and you won't either) because the main objective will be to keep from freezing your $#@%$@ off!

I know it's hard to spend $$ but you and your kids will need to be properly equipped for the winter. DO NOT scrimp on winter outerwear. REI, Lands End, LL BEAN, and North Face are all good brands. And PLEASE get hats, gloves, scarves, and snow boots. You will be living in them for about six months. NO JOKE.

This is loving advice from one Arizona girl to another who is living in a very cold climate too. I might have a few things that my kids have out grown. I'll look and see. Send me an e-mail with your mailing address.

Yates Family said...

Just a little adive....where the brands that your friend mentioned are good the brands at Walmart and Target are fine too and ALOT less money! Yes you will be wearing them for a long time but that doesn't mean you need to buy expensive ones!! But this is totally your call. If you decided to by a maternity coat just remember there is ebay and craigslist that you can get rid of it when you don't need it anymore!! But the suggestion on buying a bigger size is very smart and alot cheaper as well! I am all about saving money so this is may adive to you. I have lived in Idaho and Utah all my life til we moved here to cold weather I am use too! Good luck!! :)See you later

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