Saturday, November 15, 2008


I LOVE the rain. Even though it was in the low 40's last night, I slept with the window open so I could listen to it. So I was happy, when it was still raining this morning.

The kids were watching the rain at the front door when Gregory exclaimed, "IT'S SNOWING!!"

For some reason I was skeptical, but sure enough, when I peeked outside, big, white flurries were softly falling. I was SURE it would just last a for a couple minutes before the rain would take over, so I threw some boots and jackets on the kids, over their PJ's, and let them go nuts outside.

They had a BLAST. It had been near 60 yesterday, so the ground was too warm for the snow to stick. Charla was scooping up handfuls of water from a puddle, trying to throw it like snow. She cracks me up.
Leora was VERY impatient watching them. I finally managed to get a pair of Charla's boots on her and let her loose. She was DELIGHTED. The boots were way to big for her, so she fell many times, but never once even whimpered. Her tiny hands were red with the cold, but she was just so ecstatic about the white stuff falling all around her, she seemed completely unphased by the cold.
What's funny is that I would take a run of pictures, go to upload them, only to see the snow had picked up some more. So I'd take out the memory card, run out, take some more pictures, and do it again.
By the time I dragged the kids inside, the snow was really coming down (by my standards, I'm sure). The view down the street was obstructed by the snowfall. Leora was downright furious with me for making her come inside. She screamed at the storm door, watching the snow coming down, until I scooped her up, changed her and put her down for a nap.

The kids spent a long time sitting on the windowsill, watching in awe. There was eventually a thin blanket of snow on everything, but now the wind has picked up, the rain took over, and the snow is gone.

It sure was a fun morning! We'll see how long the snow is magical to the kids. I hope for a long time, although the pleading to go back out into the falling snow did get a little wearing.


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

im so jealous of you!!!!!!!!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

What a great blog you have here! Thanks for sharing :)