Saturday, November 29, 2008

Only Date Night for 12 Weeks

Fred being home has been WONDERFUL! We've stuffed every day with fun family stuff (post to follow). My only worry is how the kids will cope when Fred goes back to Mississippi tomorrow. Luckily it will only be 3 more weeks until he comes home.

Good friends of ours (he was Fred's covert ride home from the airport) were kind enough to watch our kids for us for several hours, so we could go on a date tonight. We went out to this ritzy outdoor mall 15 minutes from home called, "The Greene." I felt a little out of place among all the sophisticated stores, but it's beautifully decorated for the Holidays and it has 2 vitally important attractions: a movie theatre and The Cheesecake Factory.

(I generally avoid pictures of my derier, but I didn't know Fred was taking it, and it captures the square nicely)
My sweet hubby humored me by taking me to see "Twilight" again. And yes, it was much better the second time... for both of us, I think. I could fill him in on what the movie left out and there weren't nearly as many swooning 14-year old's this time.
Then we walked to the restaurant. It was about a 30 minute wait, so we perused the square, admiring the gorgeous decorations and commenting on how much we love living here. We're so blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country (decorations aside), even though it was about 33 degrees.

The restaurant had a waiting area outside complete with heating towers. We were the only ones out there for a while, so when a fun Christmas song came on, Fred pulled me close and we started dancing to it! It was so fun! A group of teenagers walking by went, "AW!" and were taking pictures of us. I LOVE my man!

The food was great and we ordered our cheesecake to go (my Godiva chocolate cheesecake is calling me from the fridge).

It was SUCH an awesome evening! Thank you to those who helped make it possible! Now I'm gonna go cuddle with my hubby as much as I can before I have to say "goodbye" again tomorrow at 7:00am :(


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

I'm so glad you guy had a great time together. At least he will be home in 3 weeks and you guys wont have to worry about this for a while :) I would love for jeremy and i to go on a date but seeing how we are 2 hours away from a nice resturant not happening LOL

Luann said...

Wow Debbie. That was quite the surprise Fred got together. I completely was surprised while reading your blog entry that he actually was there. Totally didn't see that coming. What a great Thanksgiving vacation.

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

That is such a cute date. So funny how the kids took pictures.

Yates Family said...

We were happy to watch your kids!! You two needed a night out!! Gald you had fun!