Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pulling the Blonde/Pregnant Card

You can all stop feeling sorry for me, point your fingers and laugh.

Yes, I found the pictures, tucked neatly away in the file I created for my Ward calling, which was, by the way, nowhere NEAR the "My Pictures" file, so I'm still blaming the PC for the mistake.

I still don't trust the computer, but at least I have the pictures back- I've not been so lucky in the past.


Shawna said...

Ahhhh better to look silly than to have really lost them, right?

And are you seriously 16 weeks along? How did that happen? Your pregnancy is just flying by (for me, lol).

Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

Hahahaha at least you found them :)

Brad, Debbie, and K squared said...

So I just found your blog, too! Trish (who I guess is your sister in law...small world!) found MY blog and then gave me yours. I am much better at the whole blog thing, so I will probably look at this more than I do facebook. :)

I am seriously so chipper to have found all of my old friends again!

Brad, Debbie, and K squared said...

Oh, and my blog is deborellah.blogspot.com if you would like to check it out.

And I'm glad you found your pictures. I really hate computers sometimes.