Saturday, December 13, 2008

Royal Snack, Not-Cotton Candy, and "I'm 'Cleaning' My Room"

I thought I'd roll 3 cute posts into 1 :) My girls crack me up...

Pretzel sticks are a popular snack in our home. A couple days ago I asked Charla what she'd like for a snack.

"Prince-els," she replied.

I asked, "PRETZELS?"

She arrogantly stuck her nose up, closed her eyes and corrected me, "No. PRINCE-ELS." How silly of me to offer a princess anything else.


Leora was helping me with the laundry today. She did well throwing dirty clothes in the hamper and was excited about moving loads from the washer to the dryer to the basket. I was almost finished transferring a load when I noticed her face.

It looked disgusted. I fished my finger through her mouth and pulled out a wad of lint. She must have scooped out a little handful and popped it in her mouth. I never realized how much lint looks like cotton candy. Apparently the taste doesn't compare.


I had just finished dressing the girls after bathtime, so we were all in their bedroom, almost ready for bed. Then Charla announced, "I'm cleaning my room!"

I was pleased that she had decided to pick up the stuffed animals and few scattered clothes, but then laughed when I realized she meant it literally. She had grabbed a wet wipe and was very vigorously "cleaning" the walls, Leora's crib, the dresser.... I must say, she was thorough.
But it's still cluttered.

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Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

hahahahaha thats tooo stinking cute :)