Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reverent Baby

About a month ago, Leora started kneeling with us at family prayer every night, all on her own. It's so cute- she looks so tiny!

The other night Leora ate dinner early, so she was wondering around the table when Gregory sat down to eat. As always, I announced that we needed to bless the food.

Without missing a beat, Leora stopped and dropped to her knees, her little hands folded on her lap. It was adorable!!


Sandy-Svenja said...

<3 tooooo cute! I have to start saying prayers, again. It's such a good expirience for kids to know, theres somebody up there listening to and watching over them!

Debbie Draws said...

You are such a great mother, Sandy. You're absolutely right- prayer time is such a great bonding time. We do it all together every night :) The kids aren't always very reverent, but they're learning :)