Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pioneer Week - Tuesday

Yes, I am unforgivably overdue for blogging. Oh well, better late than never, right? I am an excellent Facebooker, though.

Looking through the literally hundreds of pictures taken over the past few months from dozens of family adventures, I've decided to post about our family's Pioneer Day celebrations that we stretched out throughout the week leading up to July 24th, Pioneer Day.

I got the ball rolling that Tuesday before Pioneer Day.

Throughout the day (and the week) I pointed out conveniences that we have in contrast to our pioneer ancestors. Things like running water, toilets, anything running on electricity, grocery stores, AC/heaters, motor vehicles.

(ok, this picture isn't remotely related to anything pioneer... unless you count swinging in general... Kai is just adorable)

But we also talked about how much our ancestors valued what they had because they had so little, especially in comparison to all we have. I pointed out how they depended on each other- that everyone had to do their part just to get by- even the youngest children. And that their families were strong for it.

Charla loved helping me mix, knead, and bake fresh bread. Since I've overcome my fear of yeast, the world of bread baking has opened up to our family- it's SO fun... and yummy!! And since that first day that she helped me, Charla asks almost daily if she can help me bake some more bread.

Fred helped the kids saw some old limbs I had hacked away at a couple months ago. It was certainly sobering to think that they depended on wood for so much- it was hard work! The kids loved it, though.

(Leora going through the motions, holding my Popple)

We meant to grill hot dogs and then marshmallows (I know, pioneers probably didn't have those), but we got rained out! We improvised and the kids roasted marshmallows over our gas stove in the kitchen. While it would've been fun to eat outside, it was also very sobering to realize that when it poured on those early saints, they didn't have a dry, comfortable house to retreat to.

Throughout our activities we recounted the story of the pioneers. We started in Europe when they were converted, then how they had to sail across the Atlantic, then board trains as far west as the tracks extended, and then on foot for many grueling weeks.

All along we took turns shaking a baby food jar of heavy cream.

By the time we sat to eat dinner, we had a jar of rich butter! YUMMY! On Sunday I did the same thing in Primary :)

(Fred pretending to steal a bite)

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