Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pioneer Week - Wednesday

(Charla unrolling homemade pasta)

I was determined to have at least dinner of each day remotely Pioneer-ish.

I found a pretty neat website that had a bunch of recipes specifically shared for people participating in pioneer reenactments.

I decided to try a first and make homemade pasta. Let me just say, if I decide to do it again, I want a pasta maker- the kind that rolls and cuts it for you. It was delicious, but tedious work!

The kids had fun mixing, kneading and rolling out the dough. I then used my quilting ruler and our pizza cutter to slice the dough into long noodles.

(no, I didn't let them hack away at it with that knife - I did it... it looks like an albino leak to me)

We laid them out on cookie sheets and let them dry while I prepared the soup.

I am NOT a sweet potato fan, but I wanted to be adventurous, so I prepared the Cider Pork Soup from that website. HOLY W-O-W!! It was DELICIOUS and really pretty healthy. The kids weren't as thrilled with it, but oh well. They did love the noodles!

(The kids thought the sweet potatoes were carrots. I let them think that since I figured they probably wouldn't eat them if they knew otherwise... does that make me bad??)

We added one lit candle as a reminder that the pioneers only had firelight to eat by in the evening- it was Gregory's idea.

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Charity Brown said...

looks like you had tons of fun for pioneer week! i love the idea of the kids helping make quilts! and i've always wanted to make homemade noodles. maybe i'll have to try it out sometime. :) p.s. you did awesome for the primary pioneer sunday!!! :) thanks for being so awesome!!!!