Monday, July 14, 2008

Meet Cinders

Cinders collage1
So, over 1/2 a year ago we found out the Air Force would
be whisking us away from Tucson. We were unsure how the
kids would handle it. Gregory has always had a real soft spot
for kitties, so after some thought we decided that by
promising to get a kitty once we were settled would be a good
incentive for the kids to go along with everything.

And it worked. They haven't let us forget it since. Whenever
someone asked them about our move, Gregory would make
sure to mention that we would be getting a kitty.

Well, our house is finally all in order, Fred is home and life is
resuming a natural flow again. We decided it was a good time
to make good on our word. So we started skimming the
classifieds, making phone calls and even going out to look at
kittens at some homes. Saturday afternoon we made our final

At a local pet store there was a handful of kittens who had
been rescued from a barn. The employee brought out 3 of
them, handing me the smallest one. The moment she touched
my hands, she purred so loudly, we could all hear her! We took
her into one of the stalls and let the kids play with her a little.
She was a little timid, but never stopped purring. Gregory was
in love!
This was the one!

We paid for her and then went to pick up some things while
they got her ready to go. Gregory proudly carried her to the
car and let her out at home. It's like she's always been here.
She's a very sweet, affectionate kitten. We're guessing she's
about 2 months old. She tolerates the kids well and is curious
but not too mischievous... yet.

She's already picked out her favorite from us ll: Fred. I'm
not surprised. Animals just seem drawn to him.

Her coat is an ashy color. Charla was a little unsure about the
kitten at first, so we told her it's a princess kitten (Charla is
still in full-throttle Princess mode). That warmed her up a
little. We told Charla the kitten's name is Cinderella, which she
loved. Fred and I usually just call her Cinders, like the cinders
after a fire goes out. Gregory just adores her.

So, now I have another tiny family member to post pictures about.

cinders collage2

cinders collage3


Shawna said...

Ok, 1st of all, you were up WAAAAYYYY too late posting these. But 2nd of all, what a cute kitty! The girls LOVED watching the video. Hopefully (for you) she'll quickly learn how to use the litter box. :)

Shauna- said...

I love seeing pictures of your sweet children. They are beautiful and growing so quickly. I was sad we couldn't come see you before your family left for Ohio. We wish you the best on the new kitty. I have a little boy who would love a kitty, or any animal. So you don't get concerned about who I am...I know your Opa and Oma, you have a cousin who lived with them ten years ago who got married and has five boys now..... I never use any names or my blogging privileges are provoked, so e-mail me if you still have questions. Check out my blog for current picture of my boys. I am not so good at posting words, but like to put up pictures my sweetheart takes.

Best wishes