Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"The Nativity"- performed by The Olsen's

For FHE yesterday we carried on a Jensen family tradition. Every year, for as long as I can remember, the family has acted out the Nativity story right before Christmas. All three of my children have played the part of baby Jesus, since they were still infants for their first Christmas.

I was surprised how much our little ones enjoyed acting out the story. Even Leora was enthusiastic, just following everyone around.

Fred - Donkey, shephard
Debbie - narrater, inn keeper
Gregory - Joseph
Charla - Mary
Leora - Angel

A long, long time ago Mary and Joseph had to walk a long, long way to Bethlehem. The Baby Jesus was in Mary's tummy, and was almost ready to be born, so she had to ride on a donkey.

When they got to Bethlehem, it was very busy. When they tried to find an inn (or hotel) to stay at, all the inn keepers told them that all the rooms were full. One nice inn keeper took them to a stable to stay. It was smelly and there were animals, but it was warm.

That night baby Jesus was born. Mary wrapped him in a blanket and laid him in a manger. Joseph watched out to keep them safe.

Not far away, there were shephards watching their sheep. Suddenly, an angel appeared to them! She told them not to be scared, but that she had great news that would make them very happy. In Bethlehem a king was born named Jesus Christ. She told him where to find Him, and then there were hundreds of angels who were so excited that they were singing.

The shephards went to see the baby Jesus. They loved Him and then went back to Bethlehem to tell everyone what they had seen.
(Gregory refused to switch roles from Joseph to Wise Man, so we just told about the 3 Kings finding the baby Jesus by following the star).

They were all so reverent and cooperative! It was a great evening :)


Trish Olsen said...

What a cute Tradition so sweet

McCooks said...

that is so adorable. I love how Fred is the Donkey. I remember those days when we did the Nativity every Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Shawna said...

Awwwww- too cute! Almost makes me miss having 9 siblings- we never needed to double up on parts (well, when everyone participated!).

Debbie Lawrence said...

That is adorable. I actually remember you talking about your family doing that when we were growing up. What a fun tradition!

natalieandderyk said...

Glad to see that fred is home. Deryk reports to basic training in one week!

Charity Brown said...

Very cute!!