Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Dayton has one of the COOLEST children's museums EVER. It's several stories high and just bursting with interactive displays and hands-on activities. Here are a few pictures from our most recent trip to the awesome museum...

There is an enormous section dedicated to teaching younguns about recycling. Here is a mock landfill complete with operational digger.

In this room there are also a few jail cells- it's a perfect little court room.

This is SO neat! There's a constant flow of water that the kids can redirect and guide with various tubes and links. Great way to get soaked, too.

There's this huge dress-up area, complete with a play veterinary's clinic and a bunch of different other occupations.

Charla being vain...

The "store" is definitely one of my favorite features. It's just like a miniature grocery store!


This last clip is of Leora cutting a rug in this dark room that has a camera mounted under the screen, to project distorted images of people dancing in the room. It was SO fun!

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