Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gratitude Journaling

Like everyone, Gregory sometimes gets all wrapped up in what he doesn't have (not that he has a deficit of Lego's... though I'm sure it's impossible to have "too many"). While it may not be unique, it can be wearing on the parents.

Fred had this great idea: he got Gregory a spiral-bound notebook to be his gratitude journal.

Fred has a matching one. Every night, right before bed, they each write down 10 things they're grateful for. It's so fun having a child who can write (at least phonetically)!

(labeling Popsicle sticks for the garden)

This is a video of Gregory showing me his latest entry. He usually finishes writing before Fred, so he illustrates. This will be so special in years down the road! Despite the trouble he can be, he is such a wonderful boy- I feel so privileged to be his mama!

(not sure what was up with the camera's coloring..?)

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