Saturday, November 20, 2010

Define "Peace" (funny)

I've started singing Christmas carols to the kids at bedtime. Tonight I sang, "Silent Night" to the girls. As I finished the last line of the first verse ("sleep in Heavenly peace"), Charla innocently asked,

"What kind of "peace", mama? The kind of peas we eat, or the pee that goes into the toilet?"

Miraculously, I was able to hold my composure and explained that "peace" is a quiet, gentle feeling the Holy Ghost gives us in our hearts... although, it DOES sound a lot like those other 2 words.

Then I walked straight to the computer to blog this before forgetting to do so like I do almost every other night.

So, at the beginning of this Christmas season, I wish you all the "peace" that warms your homes and hearts... although peas are pretty yummy, too.

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The Baker Family said...

that's so cute! I'm glad you captured that moment!