Friday, November 2, 2012

Farewell Treats

Today was the kids' last day of school.  Next week they'll start attending Thornydale Elementary, where I went to for 5th and 6th grade, in Tucson, AZ!

We've only been here 3 months, but in that brief time we've met so many wonderful people.  Crickett Elementary was  no exception.  The kids loved their teachers and classmates.  

I stretched a box of cake mix to bake over 60 mini cupcakes.  I found the "OWL miss you" idea on Pinterest.  

I was going to do the same for Gregory, but then the Minecraft Creeper idea struck, I found this great creeper drawing here, and I dug out the sugar crystals from last Christmas.  

I love how they turned out, but what was even better was seeing Gregory's face when I delivered them to class.  The long "ssss" is to imitate the hissing sound Creepers make right before they explode. 

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