Tuesday, September 2, 2014

kids say...

I try to sing to the boys and the girls every night.  The boys get competitive, wanting me to sing their song of choice.  So they alternate nights.  Tonight it was Gregory's turn to pick the song.  He always asks me to come up with something original on the spot, which is something special I love to share with him.

Sometimes Kai isn't very gracious about having to wait until the next night for his turn to pick the song.  Tonight Kai whined and carried on about how he didn't like it when I just sing to Gregory and that it "breaks [his] heart", which he doesn't fully comprehend the meaning of.

He followed me when I left the room tonight and dramatically said, "When you sing those songs to Gregory it... makes my HIPS HURT!"  He put his hands on his thrust out little hips and glowered at me.  I laughed and turned him back towards his bed.

(picture from another night when he fell asleep draped across my leg
while I read a bedtime story to the girls.)

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