Monday, July 14, 2008

"I like my Owies"

That's what Charla told me as we buckled her into her car seat one
afternoon just before Independence Day, as she gently touched her ears.

Yup, we took the plunge and got the girls' ears pierced. We've talked
about doing it since before Leora was thought of, but just never got
around to it. The main motivation in getting it done now, is in hopes
that Charla may shift her hair pulling habit to an earring twiddling
habit. Not to mention, since we have to keep cutting her hair so short
with her pulling it out, adding some girly earrings helps compensate
for the less-than girly haircut.

Charla did surprisingly well, and Leora made up for it. Still, the
earrings ended up in the right spots. Gregory looked on with concern
and jumped out of reach when we teased him by offering to do
his ears, too.
Leora's pierced ears

Charla's peirced ears

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The Olsen Family said...

Awwww WAY too cute. I'm so jealous maybe Fred can call jer and get him up to speed on earings LOL ;)