Friday, July 18, 2008

Frilly little girls

When I was a baby, my mom often had me dressed in frilly little dresses, some needing a petty coat. Now that I have daughters of my own, my mom has let me go through the baby clothes she kept and pick out what I'd like. One of the things I grabbed, was this frilly petty coat, that has been hanging in the closet since Charla was a baby.

It's been so hot and sticky in the house (we yesterday finally realized the AC was broken- we just figured this is what you put up with in a humid climate) that I pulled this out of the closet for fun and because it's so "airy".

Charla loved it and when she finally parted with it, I made Leora wear it for a few pictures. AdOrAbLe. It was fun... and now we're happy that the AC is fixed and we have the house chilly again *grin*

This is Leora in another dress I wore in another life. I think she makes it look cuter than I did. I wish I could find a picture of myself to put on here. Oh well.


Heather said...

Those pictures are just too cute!!

Shawna said...

Awwwwwww what cute girls! I'm glad your A/C is working again!

The Baker Family said...

Your little girls are so cute! So how's the new house. are you all settled in yet? Let me know how you guys are doing. We miss you, but hope you guys are enjoying your new home. Nikki

maia said...

love those pics - esp the first four. they look so professional!!! i hope my next girl - if we have another - is frilly. ayla is more like me and just never was real girly.