Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mistakes Gone Right

Sometimes mistakes (at least in cooking) turn out better than just following directions.

Since we've settled in, I've worked hard to plan each week's meals in advance, drawing most of my cuisines from a handful of cookbooks. Tonight I whipped up a recipe called "Stuffed Shells Florentine" from a cookbook Fred's aunt gave me for Christmas. It was a pretty simple recipe, but somehow I managed to screw it up.

My sweet hubby came to the rescue. I'd forgotten to add an ingredient, so we just stuffed it in extra. The result was delicious (although I'm sure the correct way is yummy, too). The true indicator that it was satisfactory came from my 2 harshest critics:
Gregory and Charla.
And, behold, they liked it! Good thing Gregory doesn't read Calvin and Hobbes comics, since this was loaded with spinach.

Then, for dessert after FHE the kids helped Fred mix up some chocolate pudding and we topped it with whipped topping and cookie crumbs left over from Fred's attempt to try a new chocolate chip cookie recipe on Sunday that resulted in, well, crumbs.

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