Monday, July 14, 2008

Surprise Visit

On the evening of July 3rd, Fred and I hired a babysitter (for the
first time) and went out on a date. We were unsure what we
should pay her, so we called our good friends, the McInelly's.
Shawna wasn't home, but Kaylon chatted with us a little. We
asked what their July 4th plans were and jokingly asked if we
could join them. After hanging up we stared at each other for a
moment and then decided right then and there, that we wanted
to spend the holiday weekend in Maryland, so we called Kaylon
back and started scheming. To make things extra fun, Kaylon
didn't tell Shawna.

We left super early the following morning and arrived in
Montgomery Village, Maryland just after noon. Shawna has
never seen Leora in person, so we decided to leave Leora on the
front porch and doorbell ditch them. Fred took position behind a
bush with the video camera and I rang the doorbell. Needless to
say, Shawna was in absolute shock. The expression on her face
was priceless as it dawned on her what was happening.

We enjoyed an awesome weekend with them. Just like old times,
we played Halo waaay too late. The next morning we took the
Metro out to our country's capitol and toured it until
mid-afternoon. The kids were relatively cooperative and we
managed to survive the other millions of people pushing their way
from monument to monument. It was the first time for both Fred
and I, so it was still very special.

What made it extra special was being with Kaylon, Shawna and
their girls. We were sad to leave the next morning, but the
memories we made and the laughs we shared were worth every

Here's the video we took and a slide show of pictures. Enjoy!

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Shawna said...

You guys are the best! Thanks for loving me enough to drive all that way!