Saturday, September 20, 2008

Creating English

First, there is a popular children's book called, "Chika, Chika, Boom, Boom." It's one of Gregory's favorites at school.

We took the family to see "Igor" tonight (not bad, but I don't think we'll buy it). Gregory got a little anxious, so I suggested we go refill the popcorn when the movie was getting a little scary.

To distract him, I mentioned the enormous poster for that new movie about the Chihuahuas. He gave me an incredulous look, scrunched up his face and "repeated" back to me, "Chicka-chika-wow-wow?"

Maybe you had to hear him say it, but it sounded so darn funny.

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Frozen Cacti said...

I get it...and that is actually very funny!

By the way, what a great birthday party. I bet Gregory had a blast!