Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inspiration Struck, so the Van Wasn't (Struck)

I'm sure everyone knows about the destructive force of hurricane Ike. Well, let me tell you about it... we felt the effects in OHIO, and we're half a country away from the coast!

Two days ago the weather prediction called for "hurricane conditions", which puzzled us. This morning, before church, there was no hurricane mention, so we didn't think anymore about it.

We got home from church at 1:00, parking under the tree, as always. The wind had picked up a bit, so I suggested we move the van. Moments later we heard a *CRACK* and looked out the dining room window to see an ENORMOUS branch filling most of the front yard and part of the driveway. PHEW!

I was ready to blog it right then, but the story goes on. Fred went up and down the street, warning neighbors with trees in their front yards that they might want to move their vehicles. When they would glance at our yard, they would fetch the keys and move those wheels.

Sadly, one house's siding was ripped clean off the side. A neighbor told Fred that the owners are out of the country right now (India). Property Management should hopefully have it fixed by the time they get home!

We have some lawn furniture in our garage now. Some neighbors helped Fred move it there from people's yards who weren't home. The people right next to us moved here from Phoenix about a year ago. They have the Southwestern theme going, with "broken" pottery. Well, the wind blew over a regular urn, smashing it.

Friends who've lived here several years said even during tornado season, they've never seen such fierce winds here. The ENORMOUS cottonwood tree right up behind their house was thrashing so violently, it reminded us of the Ents from the 3rd Lord of the Rings story (yes, we're dorks). The woods behind our house looked like they were having a battle. We saw several large trees fall.

The power ended up going out for several hours. Luckily it's back on (as I'm sure you figured out, seeing as how I've posted this), but we've heard most of the base still doesn't have power. All those poor colonels and generals!


Luann said...

You're not dorks! Who wouldn't think to compare moving trees to Ents? That sounds crazy though. Every time a hurricane or tornado goes through I feel very thankful that all I have to live with is extreme heat. At least it won't knock your house down.

The Baker Family said...

How scary. I'm sure glad you guys are all alright. I hate storms. What good neighbors you all are to take care of each othe the way you do. Great job. We love you and are glad you guys made it through with out any damage.

John and Becky Bowler said...

I'm glad that you guys are ok. Side note-I like your house. :)

Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

wow thats crazy. we had a nice storm on thursday that left us with out power for some time. it blew the satalite dish off my neighbors roof.

Whitehorn Family said...

Wow, who would have thought that you would seen effrects from hurricane Ike. You guys are great neighbors and I'm glad that the car doesn't have any damage.

Mandi Horn said...

Very scary, good thing you moved your car. That is crazy that you guys are feeling hurricane Ike up there. That is one HUGE storm!