Friday, September 19, 2008

Gregory's Birthday Party

This past Saturday we celebrated Gregory's 5th birthday was a Thomas the Tank Engine party. We invited a few boys from the ward who brought along a few siblings, so we had a fun crowd!

I won't even tell you how late Fred and I stayed up the night before, getting things ready. Thank you Liz, for the link to the blog with the party ideas. I had decided it was going to be low-key, but of course, the day before the party I realized I couldn't let my son's 5th birthday go by without challenging myself!

I found this amazing blog that gave step-by-step directions and pictures on just how to do a Thomas cake. I learned SO much (who knew you could freeze cake and then sculpt it like soap!?).

I bought several rolls of black electrical tape for maybe a combined whopping $2.50 and we STILL have the "train tracks" all over the ground floor tile. By the time we surveyed our finished product (our completed decorated house), I was satisfied... even though I knew the kids wouldn't probably notice more than the balloons and cake.

The boys had fun playing with trains. The only activity was painting little wooden trains. I took each child's picture and printed them out to glue to the corresponding train after the paint dried.

There were lots of little helpers more than happy to assist in unwrapping presents.

Gregory was uncomfortable about blowing out the candles, so on the count of "3" everyone at the table helped blow them out.

It was 2 hours of fun. Most importantly, Gregory had a blast. We're so blessed to have so many great friends out here. Thank you to everyone (near and far) for your thoughtful gifts :)


Luann said...

The railroad tracks are awesome! What a fun, cheap idea. That looked like a great party. I have to come up for something for our Gregory's birthday this year because we didn't have a big party for his 5th birthday.

Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

What an adorable cake, where did you get the idea?

Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

awwww i wish i would have been there. It looked like it was a great party :) good job super mom