Sunday, May 3, 2009

37 Weeks Down, ? to Go

(have I dropped?)

Somehow 37 weeks of pregnancy have come and gone. It's absolutely surreal, knowing that within the month we'll have a brand new, tiny family member. Words can't describe how excited each of us is!

In many ways, this has been the most enjoyable pregnancy. There's physical things like not a day of morning sickness (weird, but wonderful) and no ligament pain- I'm carrying this baby differently from the last 2, thank goodness.

I think what's made it such a beautiful experience, though, is knowing this is our last. We just knew, even before Kai was conceived. It's made us appreciate every stage, from the first heart beat, to first ultrasound, to first kick, to hiccups, to watching him move.

While I am DEFINITELY looking forward to laying on my tummy again, seeing my toes, and not needing Tums after every meal, I can honestly say I am cherishing every day, as the end draws closer. I know holding our little boy will be a breath taking miracle all over again, but I know I'll miss this, too.

So, in the meantime, we'll try to make the most of every day left with just our 3. They're such a fun little bunch, and I just know Kai's gonna fit right in!

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Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

it does look like you have dropped but only a little. :) Im rooting for you to go completely natural this time around. My epi wore off completely before i had morgan so i feel i had a natural birth to some sort LOL but keep us posted :)