Sunday, May 10, 2009

Biblical Birth Stories

I found this mildly ironic...

In Primary this month I'm teaching the kids the Baptism song (children's hymns p.100, "Jesus came to John the Baptist..."). I figured the Senior Primary probably already knows the song, so I decided to delve more into the meaning of the song.

I wanted to emphasize that John the Baptist and Jesus were not only close friends, but family, so I set out to find the references in the New Testament. That brought me to Luke chapter 1. I read the whole chapter, I think for the first time.

It tells about how John the Baptist's parents, Zacharias and Elisabeth, were blessed to conceive even though they were old and she was barren. It's also the account of the angel visiting Mary to tell her she would bear the Son of God.

Then there were some details I definitely wouldn't have cared about in Seminary or even Institute...

Like that it mentions how many months along both Mary and Elisabeth (cousins) were when they met up and that Mary stayed with her for 3 months. Mary left to go back home when Elisabeth was full-term.

I dunno... I just felt like they became so much more real to me, those great women who gave birth to 2 of the most influential children to ever walk the Earth. Sometimes characters from the scriptures seem superhuman somehow. Being 38+ weeks now and reading about another woman's (Elisabeth) pregnancy was really pretty cool... Also that she DID give birth and wasn't pregnant forever!

In the end, I didn't even get to teach my lesson- our wonderful Elder's Quorum swooped in and ordered all the Sisters to go to Relief Society while they took over Primary. It was SO sweet of them!

Preparing my lesson was also a nice experience to help me remember that just because I may not be attending Gospel Doctrine anymore, I still have opportunities to learn more than the "basics" in Primary.


Charity Brown said...

Sweet post! And, I must say you are looking super cute! I LOVE your new header picture!!!

The Baker Family said...

You are too cute Debbie. We sure missed you last night. Next time you will have to be there. That's a great reminder of the story with mary and elizabeth. I liked watching the nativity story for the first time this past christmas and to me it all came to life. I love that. Happy Mother's Day. Love ya. Nikki

Shawna said...

That's why I love Primary- as you relearn the basics new concepts occur to you.

Whitehorn Family said...

thats so cool, a piece of information that I have forgotten and has more meaning now.