Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Highlights

I must say, I had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Fred had grand plans of an elaborate breakfast, involving the kids in the set-up and everything. Unfortunately, his alarm clock failed him, so we woke up 40 minutes before we needed to be out the door to church! I think it was better that way, so I could have the time to really enjoy his surprises later.

At church I led the Primary in singing, "Mother Dear I Love You So" and "I Often Go Walking". That was officially my first time leading in Sacrament meeting. The kids were so cute and even smiled! In Primary the kids filled out this little questionnaire about their mothers... Gregory's was just too dern cute! He drew a picture of us watering the flowers in our garden...
My favorite lines are:
I Love when my mom: Lets me do the laundry (he must not love me much, because he's only helped out with the laundry a handful of times!)
I know my mom loves me because: she's pretty (My boy will go FAR in life!)

So, I took a nap when we got home from church and woke up to this array on the table!

Fred explained that each plant was from a different family member. From Left to right: Charla, Fred, Kai (because it had lots of buds yet to bloom), Gregory and Leora. We hope to transplant all but the roses into our garden... that will be a new adventure for me.

Fred's stories behind the gifts were priceless.

He took all 3 kids shopping with him last night. When he asked Charla what she wanted to get me, she was insistent that I wanted a candy cane. He couldn't find any for sale, but managed to dig up a few at home (which she gladly ate later today).

Gregory's gift idea was certainly unexpected. He told Fred he thought I'd like to get a can of vegetable soup for Mother's Day. So, as you can see, I got that, too!

Fred managed to get his hands on a scrumptious selection of dangerous chocolates that I have been savoring throughout the day.

Apparently, Leora took it upon herself to taste test my omelet before I was fetched.

The kids also picked out a card for me, which they drew on. The video is of Gregory explaining that he had written on the envelope in fancy letters because I'm "pretty." Dang, I love that kid!


Charity Brown said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! How sweet!!!! Love that video! And, that's cute that Fred let the kids pick out their gifts for you! Hahahaha!

Whitehorn Family said...

Your husband and kids are so thoughtful. I love how they were so personal in their gift giving.