Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gregory's Landscaping Adventures

Yesterday we mowed the lawn for the first time this year. Gregory's not a big fan of loud machines, so we borrowed a push lawn mower for him to use. He sure was enthusiastic, mowing paths through the grass. Fred cleaned up with the gas mower.

Today we were enjoying the afternoon out back. Gregory was concerned about the little heaps of mowed grass spit out by the lawn mower all over the yard. He dragged his truck around the yard, picking up the clippings.

I told him they needed to be thrown in the trash. He gave me a surprised look and told me he didn't want to. Again, I told him to do it and he said, "But, what if I spill some!?" I rolled my eyes, smiled, and told him it would be fine, since there's grass everywhere. Then I turned my attention to the girls.

Next thing I knew, there was a thick path of grass clipping from the back porch door to the kitchen trash can! No wonder he had been hesitant- he didn't realize I meant the outside trash can! Poor kid.

We still had him help clean it up. This meant he also got to help repair the vacuum cleaner. He had broken the belt when he vacuumed a sock a couple weeks ago- we've been borrowing the neighbor's vacuum in the meantime.

SO, in the end it all turned out alright. I'm just grateful for a little guy who is so eager to help out and obey, even if he doesn't totally understand what's going on :)

(she started doing this on her own... so cute!)


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

now that's funny. :) at least he did what you told him to do ;) I see that you got a cradle swing. It is going to be your best friend :) my mom has one and we just love it I am giving my swing to David and Heather so we will be getting one also. :)

My Grandkids Grandma said...

What a blessing having helpers. They are so adorable!