Sunday, August 16, 2009

Leora's First Haircut

I put this off for a long time. She'll always be my baby girl and I knew if we cut her hair, it would instantly make her look older :( BUT, it was all different lengths and in her eyes if we didn't put it up, so I finally made the trip out to our favorite kids' salon, Cookie Cutters.

(on the indoor slide at the salon)

(I want THIS one!)

It all went pretty quickly- in fact, they only charged me for a trim. She chose her seat, sat reasonably still and with a few snips, my baby princess, as we call her, officially looked like the little almost-2-year old toddler she is. WAAH!

(being distracted)

They gave me a few barrettes to separate her bangs from the longer hair. I think the bangs help frame her face nicely. I'll probably eventually let them grow out, but for now they're just cute.

(see me?)

I did bribe her with promises of french fries from McDonald's, which she didn't let me forget, even as we were walking out with her balloon and a big smile :)