Friday, August 14, 2009

Work BBQ, plus Blond Moment Du Jour

Yesterday we went to a BBQ for Fred's work by the lake on base. It was a little toasty (you AZ people may balk at me, but there is something to that humidity thing), but it was still fun!

(cooling off in the discarded ice near the end- yuck. Fred took this one)

Fred's unit reserved one of the log cabin dining halls and a few shelters. They also had a corn hole game set up (I somehow never heard of the game until we moved here).

(I love this shot)(view from the deck- pretty good, huh? *wink)

The biggest highlight was getting to meet Fred's new commanding officer, Lt. Colonel George Govan, and his wife Bianca, who he met in Germany. I think she was relieved to meet someone here who speaks German. They have a cute lil' 2-year old together who is bilingual. Made me feel pretty guilty that my kids aren't.

So my fantastic blond moment...
There was a playground nearby, so I let my older 3 go play, making Gregory promise to keep an eye on his sisters. We were visiting with the Govan's at that time. Over the course of our conversation, the kids would come and go. Sometimes the girls would ask to be held for a minute and then they'd go to play again.

At one point I looked at the playground to take inventory of my kids and couldn't find Leora. I anxiously scanned it again, but she was no where in sight. I yelled at Gregory, "Where's Leora?!" He looked around and shrugged. I angrily yelled it again, taking off to the playground. He just gave me a puzzled look.

Then I realized why.

I was holding her.

I was relieved, but sure felt foolish, right there in front of Fred's boss. I hope he knows what mommy-brain is!

Afterward we treated the kids to ice cream cones from McDonalds, to reward them for their good behavior at the picnic. It was all in all a nice experience, although it was nice to relax in our air conditioned home afterwards :)

(out along the lake's shore)

hehee... my own little Shadow Charmer Gregory and Fairykind Charla. If you've read the Fable Haven books, you know what I'm talking about.

Can you guess what pose he's striking?

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