Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Charla's First Day of School

Last Thursday, August 19th, was Charla's first day of Kindergarten! Gregory had started the previous Thursday, so he's been a big helper showing her the ropes.

She had requested pancakes but time got short really fast, so I popped a few waffles from the freezer into the toaster. We still made them special with whipped topping.

We carried on the German tradition of the Schulteute. On the first day of Kindergarten children take a decorated cone to school filled with anything from school supplies to treats for their classmates. We stuffed Charla's with these little packs of Teddy Grahams.

(I sewed her skirt and was relieved that it turned out so cute!)

They take the bus together, but we wanted to walk her to class on her first day. Fred was even able to make arrangements to go into work late.
Charla was such a little natural. She walked straight into class without hesitation. Her teacher, Mrs. Hamlin, seems very nice. She's been teaching there since the school was founded 8 years ago and she just had her first baby.

Charla is thrilled about riding the bus. She tells me her favorite part about school is lunch time. Gregory always finds her on the playground at recess and gives her a great, big hug.

They're attending a K-8 charter school called Pathways Heritage Academy. After trying out the local public school for the past 2 years, we are so far immensely pleased with the switch. They place a very heavy focus on morals and character development. There's homework every day and lots of communication between parents and staff. I look forward to helping out in both classes this year, now that I'm not pregnant or nursing.

I was so excited about my 2 oldest being engaged in school that I didn't realize how much they entertain the 2 younger ones! We're adjusting, though. It's like taking a step backwards, just having my 2 little ones. Before we know it, those 2 little ones will be in the full swing of school, too.

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Introspective Steph said...

charla looks so cute in her uniform! glad that they are enjoying going to school...that'll change. haha