Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Leora Turns 3

On August 17th our sweet lil' Leora turned 3 whole years old!

ON her birthday we had some family fun. In the morning I stuck candles in her french toast and we sang to her. Later I took the 3 youngest to Chick-Fila for lunch and to play in their toddler-fun area.

(Kai loved the toddler play area!)

For dinner we took the kids to a McDonald's with a huge playplace. Leora usually keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground, but she ventured up and up and up. I was so proud of her, until Gregory's ominous announcement that echoed around the entire area:


Yup. And just to make sure my mortification was complete, Gregory yelled it out several times, and a there was soon an impressive puddle on the tile a few feet from our table. I offered to clean it up myself, but they pulled some poor guy off his lunch break to take care of it. So sad.

From McDonald's Fred dropped me off at home to grab Leora's present. I met up with them at the neighborhood basketball courts by the playground. A couple weeks earlier Leora had fallen in love with this tricycle, so I went back later and got it. She was no less in love with it that night!!

At home we had a store-bought chocolate cake with candles and a song. It was so fun!

That Saturday we had her official party. It was technically a "Princess" party, but we invited plenty of boys, too. In fact, I think we had at least as many princes and princesses. Luckily I was prepared!

(I sewed the top part and the skirt is actually the petite coat from my wedding gown)

In the beginning the kids got to decorate either a wand or a sword. We had a whole bunch of little PVC pipes from a tent that had long since lost a few essential connectors. I'd been holding onto them, telling myself I'd eventually modify it to make it work. Well, they worked beautifully as wands and swords.

It's no secret that I love the rain. We've been sorely missing it these past few weeks. So of course, it made it's one-day appearance on the day of Leora's party. Luckily, it really only sprinkled until about 10 minutes after the party ended, when it then poured.

Once kids were done with their PVC pipe, we booted them outside. Can I just say how grateful I am for a big, grassy back yard! The boys had a blast, waging an epic battle against each other. The girls daintily danced around and pretended and played on the swing-set.

(I loved her her dress poofed out as she bounced! I sewed it for her this past Spring, but she wasn't interested in it until now)

We had made a play-list of Disney princesses songs and we had fun dancing to them. Fred had the foresight to set up the canopy so when the sprinkled get harder, there was a place to wait it out.

Our gazebo imploded this past winter when the snow made the canopy collapse. I've stubbornly held onto the remaining frame and finally put it to use. Unfortunately, with the less-than-perfect weather, it wasn't as pretty as it had been the day before. Oh well.

I gathered the kids to play "Frog, Frog, Prince"- my variation on "Duck, Duck, Goose". It was actually pretty fun.

(they were such eager little helpers the morning of the party!)

(My quirky hubby)

My kids had helped make the treats for lunch- they were all a hit! Kind friends helped me whip up the sandwiches that we then cut out with various cookie cutters. I mixed Strawberry drink-mix with sparkling water for our drink and it was all just right.

Dessert was the best! Classic ice cream cone cupcakes (on the right of the picture)- virtually no mess and oh-so yummy!

Present time! She got some super-cute gifts!! She was definitely pleased!

I love how the girls crowd around the present opener! Luckily, she didn't seem to mind.

It was really a wonderful experience. We made some new friends, had some laughs with old ones. The food was yummy, the kids had fun, and (most importantly) I had one happy little 3-year old princess!

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