Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cautious Popping

Today was a first for me. I subbed for the Primary pianist, playing piano at church for the first time! It went smoother than I had expected. I think I'll add it to my list of callings I wouldn't mind getting :)

Aside from pounding out "Once there was a Snowman" 3 times, "Do as I'm Doing" 6 times, and destroying "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" when we shifted into hyper drive, I got another treat: watching my Gregory in Primary.

He used to struggle. Primary was dreaded, by Gregory and his leaders. I had been so disappointed, realizing my son had been labeled. Then we moved here, and everything changed! He sits attentively, sings, raises his hand, and simply looks happy. It's such a relief! He beamed when he pointed me out to his teacher.

The Primary chorister decided to have a "fun" day, so to help the kids pick the songs, she had put strips of paper with the songs' names in balloons and selected children to come up and pop them. It was very entertaining watching those little kids struggle to sit on the balloons. Out of the entire primary, only 2 managed to pop theirs that way. Most needed the aid of a pin.

Gregory got to be one of the lucky ones chosen. I had noticed how when the other children popped their balloons, he had his fingers stuck in his ears, with a concerned expression on his face. I was surprised he was even willing to pop one! He approached the balloon cautiously. He sat on it, fingers in his ears, face scrunched up, anticipating the pop. That didn't work, so he tried stomping on it, fingers still tight in his ears.

Finally, the chorister produced the pin again. Somehow he managed to hold that pin, fingers still in his ears, and pop the balloon. All the leaders and I had a good laugh. He looked proud (and relieved). And it turned out to be a "pick your favorite", so I got to play "I Love to See the Temple."


Trish Olsen said...

that's too dang cute.

Liz said...

i love the calling as primary chorister and how I appreciated my pianist. Primary can be so much fun.