Friday, August 8, 2008

Queen Debbie

Make that Snow Queen Debbie
It occured to me that having princesses for daughters (and kitten) must make me the queen! I got to dress the part today after picking up the "material" for my next sewing project.

I'm planning on making several simple princess dresses. They're mainly intended for Charla's birthday party, where all the girls get to dress up, but then she'll get to add them to her "wardrobe" of princess attire.

Well, instead of buying all the fabric by the yard at fabric stores, it occurred to me to look on craigslist for gowns and formals people may be trying to get rid of. For those of you who haven't discovered yet, you are missing out. It's on online yard sale where you can find just about anything, usually super cheap. There was certainly a selection! I contacted one girl selling a wedding gown for $25. She was also including a fur trimmed cloak it came with. Turns out her husband had gone to a storage unit auction and the dress/cloak were one of the things in the unit he won. They had no need for it, so I benefited!

It's got a pretty train and lots of lacy bead-work, which has endless possibilities when embellishing little royal dresses. Cinders liked them both, too, swatting and nibbling on the lace and fur. Leora enjoyed hiding in the cloak at my feet when I pulled it on to take the pictures. I figured I looked something like a snow queen and I felt pretty, too. And, no, I'm not cutting up the cloak!


Trish Olsen said...

WOW Thats amazing. The wedding dress is beautiful also. What size is it? my sisters looking for one for her wedding.

McCooks said...

do you just love girls. Nevy is starting to become quite the girly girl.