Sunday, August 24, 2008

Learning English

Charla helped me bake cookies for Gregory to take to his first day of Kindergarten. She was VERY enthusiastic about helping. I was a little distracted so it took her asking the same question several times before I realized what she was asking,

"Can I smell the flours?"

She had not differentiated between the FLOUR you bake with the and the FLOWER you pick from a garden. I laughed and told her to go ahead. She made a funny face and said,


Trish Olsen said...

Hahahahahahaha i love this :)

Robin and Larry said...

Debbi.. your blog is soooooo cute... I am impressed.. how did you do that at the top with your family name?

Debbie's said...

The stick family is actually a photo of our rear windshield. In Microsoft Publisher I put together the background flag picture from clip art and added the words :D
I found the stickers on eBay. You wouldn't believe how many different sticker families there are for every walk of life!