Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Haircut for Charla

A couple days ago I decided Charla's hair needed a trim. Unfortunately she still tugs at it a lot, so it was really uneven in places.


I'm devoted to that children's hair salon, Cookie Cutters, for Charla's haircuts. The atmosphere is SO FUN and the staff is great and really knows what they're doing.

And the price is right- $12. That gets a great haircut while the kids watch a movie from their vast selection while sitting in these cute little Radio Flyer toy cars/planes, and they get a balloon and lolly pop when they're done.

If you come for their first hair cut, you get a certificate and they attach a lock of the child's hair to it! We haven't left dissatisfied yet!

(She looks like she's upset, but she was trying to smile with that pacifier in her mouth)

Charla was a little natural. She watched a Little Mermaid cartoon and was very cooperative.

When she was all done, she declared she wanted to use the potty before we left... not because she's such a practical 3-year old, but because the bathroom has it's own child-sized door!

My little pixie-haired Princess.


Ashley and Spencer Bunn said...

it's sad she wont let her hair grow out but she will eventually. but that is a cute salon

Charity Brown said...

Where is this salon? There's one we used to go to when we lived on the other side of Dayton, but I've been looking for one closer! Please tell!!!