Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Fun Random Pics

Here are just a few fun pictures I had to share... I love my kids!

Yesterday I zonked out on the couch watching "Meet the Robinson's" with the kids while Fred was running errands. When he got home he found all 3 of his girls asleep on the couch, Gregory sitting on me.

One of Leora's favorite things is my cell phone. She really hams up her "conversations", and occasionally manages to complete a call by accident.

"Do you mind?"

The kids happily helped Fred assemble my old computer desk... Leora looks ELATED!

Most mornings we find Charla stripped down to her diaper. She has a few PJ's that button so she can't pull them off. She woke up one morning with her whole night gown pulled over her head, stuck at her nose... you can see how happy she was about that.

Think they're related?

She's just being cute, but the angle is so bizarre :P

Fred had been playing on the floor with the kids and ended up falling asleep. When he woke up, Leora was lying right next to him, grinning. Luckily he just happened to have his camera in his pocket, so he snapped a picture. That's a face I could wake up to every day!

Gangsta Baby!

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The Baker Family said...

Those were such cute pictures, I can't say it enough, but your kids are so adorable. By the way, when is your due date? Love ya. Nikki