Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Ohio Snow of 2009

Well, it finally happened... no, Leora's tooth she's been teething STILL has not broken through. But a close second- it finally really snowed (by my standards)!

The girls loved watching it all day long, bickering over the best spot to watch it.

Fred came home for lunch (I love it). We teased the cat by taking her outside in the falling snow. You can deduct from the picture how she felt about that.

When Gregory came home from school he immediately asked if he could, "Go outside and make a snowball."

I had sudden flashbacks of myself as a kid begging to do things I deemed as delightful and being puzzled at my parents' hesitation:
Playing in the waves at the beach, "You go ahead, I'll watch."
Going to the pool every day.. Now I try to remember what was so fun about it.
Peanut butter and butter sandwiches... hey butter was good with jam, peanut butter's also great with jam. Why not combine them??

Anyways, I laughed at myself for even briefly internally groaning at the thought of pulling on my winter gear to go get wet and cold. The delight on his face was too much to resist.

He had a blast! He felt it was his duty to wipe off all the toys back there.

Here is official documentation of his VERY first snowball in creation phase.

He wasn't a bad shot, either! Luckily he missed the camera- and hit me!

He actually rolled a little snowball down the hill to make this slightly larger one.

We'll see if it sticks around. With a little more, I think we can make a mini-snowman tomorrow.


Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

oh my gosh he looks liek he had a blast how FUN. I love thepicture of him throwing the snowball at you. great timing.

natalieandderyk said...

Poor cat!!

Charity Brown said...

I LOVE the picture of him throwing that snowball at you!!! Awesome shot!

The Baker Family said...

That is such a cute posting. Thanks so much for sharing. I was looking at all your pictures and couldn't help but think what georgous kids you guys have. They all are so beautiful and photogenic. I love to look at what you guys are up to over there in Ohio. Nikki