Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Family of Scrappers

I went through my mega- scrapbooking phase several years ago. I just don't have the time for it now, but I still have a vast collection of supplies for the obsession. I finally got to justify making the military move my stash with us by dusting it off for FHE last night.

Being our first Christmas away from home, I'm ACTUALLY making sure we get our thank you cards out this year. In the past we could say "thank you" right to our generous family.

I put Fred in charge of helping the kids with stamping while I cut out the parts of the card for the kids to decorate and then for me to assemble. It was actually really fun! Fred was a great sport and the kids really had a fun time "Stamping it up."

(Man, he's such a good lookin' kid)

Like what usually happens with scrapping, time went by fast, so we had to stop before all the cards were done. Gregory made me PROMISE he'll get to finish his after school today. I love watching creativity flow in my home!

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Jeremy and Trish Olsen said...

Youre so organized LOL I was going to do it this year but i just didn't have the time too lol what a cute idea :)