Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Date Night... Finally!!

This is gonna sound silly, but last Saturday we went on our first date since Fred surprised me at Thanksgiving! Fred had 2 weeks off for the holidays and to readjust to being home, but we spent it altogether as a family (which was great, although we agree we were more lazy than anything.. yay!).

Well, Fred remedied that. He arranged for friends of ours to watch the kids for several hours. He blindfolded me and then drove around for a while, hoping to confuse me.

Here's what happened when we pulled up...

YAY!! Texas Roadhouse! yummy...

haha... the disappointment in my voice was poorly disguised when I was convinced we were going to Subway and then Bob Evans for dinner. Then I pointed to another place I'm glad he didn't take me to. Or more like, HE'S glad he didn't take me to...

They had started building the Texas Roadhouse right after we moved here. It opened while Fred was gone, but I didn't want to go without him. Back in Tucson we LOVED going there with Fred's brothers and their families. It wouldn't be the same without another Olsen :)

Afterwards we drove out to that ritzy shopping plaza, The Greene. They still have the enormous Christmas tree and all the lights up. We grabbed dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. By the time we were done we were SO FULL I insisted we walk around a little before getting in the van.

It was breezy and really cold, but it was just so pleasant holding hands, meandering the sidewalks, passing by all the fancy shops and restaurants. I've become a firm believer in scarfs and wool coats! Earlier that day I happened to swing by Old Navy and that maternity coat I'd almost bought full price back in fall, was 75% off!! I couldn't resist.

So, the great wool coat paired with the beautiful scarf Fred's Aunt Sally gave me, made me actually realitively cozy! It was a great date :)

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Whitehorn Family said...

I just love a great deal and 75% is awesome. it's a cute coat too.